F.A.Q. - Questions and Answers

  • Where do I find the Vespas?

    In San Bernardino square, 9 Canale 12043 CN Piemonte or in Hotel on request.

  • Wich models Vespa do we have?

    Vespa© lx 125 ie

    Vespa© gts 300 ie

  • What are the requirements for driving?

    For the 125 you must have the B license, for the 300 either the B obtained before 25\04\1988 or the license A2.

  • Insurance?

    The included insurance covers damages caused to third parties.

  • Is it possible to negotiate a Kasco insurance?

    Yes, when you rent your Vespa you can activate the "Vespa all risk".

  • What to do with Petrol?

    We will deliver the vespa with a full tank, you can either return it with a full tank or pay 15 € road assistance?

  • Helmet?

    1 or 2 helmets included

  • Road assistance?

    Road assistance included for holes and mechanical failures with replacement of the Vespa if needed parking.

  • Parking

    You can park your Vespa in a parking lot at our facility.

  • Road maps

    Road maps are included.

  • GPS navigator.

    GPS navigator is not included but you can ask for it in addition.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Payment can be made in cash or by credit card (VISA-MASTERCARD)

  • Schedules and Deliveries

    At our office from 8 to 20 every day, if you want to leav it at the hotel then you have to reserve it.

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